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  • Collection: The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford

Annotation 2020-08-19 154215.png
Nana and Angela share their experiences of lockdown and living in Oxford.

An exhibition with items contributed and created by the Museum of Oxford's Adult Learning Group during the lockdown period. See the exhibition here.

Being furloughed gave me a chance to do something I really wanted to do but had absolutely no time for under normal circumstances; turning a concrete bench into an enormous mosaic. I collected unwanted tiles from friends and the Orinoco scrapstore in…

The Lockdown 2020 website is here.The University of Oxford collected stories, experiences, photos and items of students during lockdown. It is a great insight into a variety of changing ‘new normal’ situations and the feelings surrounding being in…

street COVID-19.6.JPG
Notification of a restaurant only opened for takeaway when lockdown just began.

street COVID-19.5.jpg
An ambulance running during lockdown in Oxford taken in March.

street COVID-19.3.JPG
Street of Oxford during lockdown taken in March

What is Lockdown.pdf
This project is a video made using PowerPoint. It was done during the time when lockdown restrictions were strictest. If reflects, I hope very simply, the experience of lockdown (or at least the experience for me). The ‘w’ at the beginning of every…

OLAT NECAT supplying Sutiaba with hygiene kits May 2020.jpg
The Nicaragua Education, Culture and Arts Trust (NECAT) supplying disadvantaged families with cleaning supplies and food in a poor area of Oxford's twin city of León during Covid-19.

Now Wash Your Hands.png
This short story reflects the way people have come together in the crisis, and how the world may be so different, and disconnected, but offers hope for a new way of life
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