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I love this picture because rainbow colours are used instead of the white stripes on the crossing. I believe that it was created by the organisers of the Oxford Pride because afterwards, the colours disappeared. It is located on the triangle of New…

These objects are dolls house furniture I had as a child. They are made out of a variety of materials; fabrics, wood, paper, metal, plastic. In 2019 I lent them to be part of a display at the Bodleian Shop in Broad Street, Oxford. The display was to…

Wroclaw pandemic.jpg
Images of life under lockdown in one of Oxford's twin cities, Wroclaw in Poland.

Being furloughed gave me a chance to do something I really wanted to do but had absolutely no time for under normal circumstances; turning a concrete bench into an enormous mosaic. I collected unwanted tiles from friends and the Orinoco scrapstore in…

leiden image 1.jpg
Three photographs showing how Oxford's twin city Leiden is dealing with lockdown. The first image shows empty streets in Leiden, the second shows keeping distance at the local market, and the third shows students.

covid shop signs 1.jpg
"The architecture now can be photographed during this time of Covid-19 without obstruction or distraction and the central area must look like in some part how it did back in 1167 when the University was founded, less the double yellow lines of…

A series of photos from Grenoble's online Flikr exhibition entitled 'Confinement villes jumelees'Grenoble is one of Oxford's twin cities. To view all of the images from Grenoble, visit their Flikr page here.

beethoven with face mask.jpg
During this pandemic, even great composers must protect their fellow man. In this image, Ludwig van Beethoven is wearing a coffee filter while stood in front of Kessel's Espresso Studio in Bonn, Germany.

oxford response hub image 1.jpg
"On the 27th of March, myself and several colleagues from a range of departments across Oxford City Council met outside the West Oxford Community Centre on the Botley Road to assist with setting up the West Oxford Local Response Hub. We were briefed…

streets of oxford image 1.jpg
Photographs taken by Emma Titcombe of a deserted Oxford.
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