Empty Oxford and Covid-19 shop signs

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Empty Oxford and Covid-19 shop signs


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


"The architecture now can be photographed during this time of Covid-19 without obstruction or distraction and the central area must look like in some part how it did back in 1167 when the University was founded, less the double yellow lines of course!

During lockdown I have been walking the streets of Oxford where I live. The shop signs explaining that they are closed during the Covid-19 pandemic caught my eye as they are so varied and express the brand and personality of the different stores, particularly with the lights and empty retail unit visible behind.

I was attracted by the text, some were formal and perhaps from corporate HQ and others more informal handwritten and probably by an assistant in store. We are all looking forward to shops reopening after this weekend and perhaps life starting to get back to a new socially distanced normal”.

Douglas Fry, photographer. Visit Piranha Photography's website here and their blog post to see more photographs of signs during lockdown. 




Museum of Oxford


Piranha Photography


Douglas Fry

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summary: signs in shop windows detailing closures due to covid-19
1: 'Art doesn't stop! and neither do we! our doors may be closed but you can still contact us on the details below: oxford@castlefineart.com, 01865 689 862'
2: 'dear all, (small, illegible text)', also 3 illustrated french bulldogs on glass
3: 'Blackwells closed' (small text detailing closure and online ordering)

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