Frequently Asked Questions-

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for using our Get Started page, why not take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions? 

General Questions

How do I upload a story to the website? 

If you are interested in uploading a story to our website, we would recommend first visiting our Get Started page This page explains what sort of content we are looking for and how to upload a submission. Once you have read this, you can visit our Add Your Story page and upload your information using the form. 

How do I upload multiple files?

When submitting a story to our website, you can upload a file. This file could be a video, an audio recording, or a picture. Unfortunately, you cannot upload multiple files to our website at once. This means that if you have multiple files for one story, you will have to upload them one at a time. This process sometimes means that our team has to connect the dots and figure out which files belong to which submissions. To make this process easier for both us and you, we recommend numbering your stories. When you visit the Add Your Story page, you are first asked to name your resource. If you know that your story has multiple files, such as images, we would recommend that you name the first part of your submission something like “Story Title 1” and name every following submission “Story Title 2”, “Story Title 3” etc. Another way to make sure all of your files are attached to the right story is to provide more information in the comment box labelled “Please do put any further comments and questions here.” Here you could add a note indicating which file is included such as, “this submission contains image 1 out of 3.” 

How do I have my story on the front page as a featured item? 

Visitors to our website, unfortunately, cannot choose to have their story placed on the front page as a featured item. Featured items are chosen by our staff and are changed every few weeks. Although you don’t control this directly, everyone has the chance to have their story appear as a featured item! 

Why hasn’t my story been uploaded yet? 

When you upload your story, it will not appear on the website straight away. First, it is stored in a private folder to be reviewed by our team. A member of our team will make sure that your submission is relevant to Oxford, that it is hasn’t been uploaded before, that you have provided permission for any sensitive or copyrighted material, and that the submission does not contain any offensive material. We will also make sure that your submission contains as much relevant detail as possible and has no spelling mistakes. If we think that you could add more detail to your submission or there is an important detail missing, we may contact you at your provided email address. Once we have all these details in order, we will make your submission live. An easy way to check if your submission has been uploaded is to check the Browse Items page or use the search bar at the top of the webpage. 

Please note, we cannot hold onto unpublished items indefinitely. If you upload your submission and we reach out for further details, we ask that you respond within one month. After that, we will delete incomplete items.

Data Protection and Anonymity

What does the Museum of Oxford do with my personal data? 

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data. As a “data controller” we make sure that we look after your personal information in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). For more information on how we store your data and your rights, please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages. 

Can I be anonymous? 

Yes! When you go to the Add Your Story page, you will be asked for some personal information. This includes your name and your email address. If you wish to be anonymous, you can either leave the name field blank or you can add your name as Anonymous. If you send us a story with your name attached, you can always send us an email at museum@oxford.gov.uk to ask us to anonymise your submission. Alternatively, you can request to be anonymous in the contribution page under “Please do put any further comments and questions here.” Please note, if you send us in a submission with your name attached and no request for anonymity, your submission will likely be uploaded with your name attached.

Can I upload pictures of other people? 

The short answer is yes, if you have clear permission.  

If any images attached to your story include other people, your submission will have to be evaluated by our staff. We will have to decide whether publishing your image violates GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). If your submission includes a picture of one or more other people who are easily identifiable (i.e. the image includes their face/s) we will need you to provide evidence that you have their permission. We understand that asking for permission from photography subjects can get tricky if you are taking pictures in a public space or of a large group of people. However, if someone can be identified in an image, and they are not a public figure, we retain the right to either not approve the image for submission or ask you to blur their face/s. If the other persons pictured are under the age of 16, we would require permission from their parental guardian. The same rules apply if your description, video or audio mention the sensitive details of another person. 

By uploading a story, and agreeing to our terms of service, you have made a guarantee that “the digital material you submit is not copyright protected; or you own to rights to this digital material.” For more information, please visit our Terms of Service page. 

Reporting and Feedback 

How do I feedback on submission which I find offensive? 

When a submission is uploaded to the City Stories website it does not appear straight away. It is stored in a private folder to be reviewed by our team. A member of our team will make sure that your submission is relevant to Oxford, that it is hasn’t been uploaded before, that you have provided permission for any sensitive or copyrighted material and that the submission does not contain any offensive material.  

That being said, if you find any published post to be offensive or discriminatory in nature, please contact us directly by using the contact form. 

Someone has uploaded my content without my permission, how do I take this down?  

If you believe that someone has uploaded any content that belongs to you as the rights holder, which you have not given permission for, we will of course remove it. Please contact us directly at museum@oxford.gov.uk or use our contact form with the following information: 

  • Your contact details 

  • The full details of the material you wish to take down 

  • The exact URL of where you found the material 

  • Proof that you are the rights holder or an authorised representative of the rights holder 

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I provide general feedback, positive or negative, on the Museum of Oxford City Stories website? 

Please contact us either by email at museum@oxford.gov.uk or by using our contact form. We would love to hear from you!