What is Museum of Oxford – City Stories?

City Stories is our collecting website to gather your stories about Oxford. It is used to collect and display material and information relating to your city for all to enjoy. It will also be a resource for the Museum of Oxford to draw on when designing and creating new exhibitions.

We invite anyone to add to our stories!

What can I upload?

We will post specific themes on the site, such as Sporting Oxford, and request stories, photographs of objects, footage or audio relating to those themes.

With Sporting Oxford we are looking for objects that have personal stories. The topics will be broad and inclusive, encouraging everyone to get involved. Your connection and your history are what we want to read and share.

You can upload your photographs and files in any format, including digital photographs, Word Documents, PDFs, and even video and audio files.

Contact museum@oxford.gov.uk for additional support.

What will happen to the information I upload?

All the material will be stored securely on Omeka’s servers, you can read more about how they store data by reading their Privacy Policy. The stories and photographs that you upload will be displayed on our website for anyone to view and reuse for educational purposes (what is known as a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC) but not for commercial reuse.

We will display your name unless you choose to be anonymous, but we will never display your contact details. Your personal data will be held securely. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further details.