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Ace ring close-up.jpg
Lauren said:
“This is my ace ring. I wear it – it’s a black ring, goes on the middle finger of my right hand and it signifies asexuality.
I just got it from Tesco, it doesn't have a very exciting origin story. I went online and looked at the…

Henna said:
"This badge is from the annual Valentine's Day sale at the Ruskin School of Art. I bought it because I loved how immediately bold and direct it was. It's lovely to visit the sale with my friends, we sometimes have a competition to see…

Gay pride flag.jpg
Oxford Town Hall - rainbow flag 2015

Court criers oaths.JPG
The court room was above the police station; you can visit it if you go on a tour of the Town Hall. These oath cards were available for the swearing-in of witnesses at a court hearing. The witness swears to tell the truth; perjury is the crime of…

Ticket  'Two Band Dance', Town Hall29th May1D299485a.jpg
A ticket for a Two-Band-Dance at Oxford Town Hall. Dated to the 26th of May and featuring Kenny Baker and his quartet.

1. alliedarms.JPG
Tell us what you know about the Allied Arms? Use the comments form below.

A Great Discovery .pdf
Written by an English language and literature second year Saudi Arabian student when taking an intensive English course in Oxford during the summer of 2019.

The Oxford Bottle Club organised its first dig in 1981. This took place at Jackdaw Lane on the Iffley Road. They did, of course, get permission from Christ Church College before starting! The club had some 60-80 members at the time. Simon Somerscales…

This item was acquired in around 1975 although it looks earlier. It is 25cm high and is made of plastic-covered card.

You can see three Morrells beers displayed on the card: Malt Stout, Castle Asle and College Ale. They depict the lion rampant for…

These are the casks I helped to fill whilst working for a brief stint at the White Horse Brewery in Stanford-in-the-Vale, Oxfordshire. I helped out for two weeks and carried out the 'racking'. This is where you prepare the casks for filling and also…
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