Created by You

Created by You

These exhibitions include all of the stories and objects submitted by City Stories visitors. They include:

Covid-19: Oxford under lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic began to spread throughout the world at the end of 2019. By March 2020, it had reached...

Memories of the Town Hall


Do you know our Town Hall well? Share your memories and memorabilia in our online exhibition.

Oxford's Twin Cities

beethoven with face mask.jpg

Objects and stories from members of Oxford's twin cities. This includes Bonn (Germany), Grenoble (France), Leiden (Netherlands), Padua (Italy), Wrocław...

Black Lives Matter in Oxford


We are collecting images, audio and video relating to Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall protests in Oxford. 

Oxford Street Photography 2007

Recently digitised photographs originally taken with an analogue camera, in streets around Oxford 2007. Subjects include outside performance and intangible...

Flooding in Oxford

julian cooper port meadow.jpg

This exhibition discusses some of the issues around flooding in Oxford, past and present. Click the link on the right...

Pride 2022: Colourful Pieces of Joy

Pride_22 (49).jpeg

In 2022, photographer Juliana Cassab took photos of people attending the Oxford Pride parade and festival. This is a small...

Eating sustainably in Oxford

_It’s not about the money , it’s about resourcefulness, goodness and enjoyment!.jpg

What is sustainable food? Sustainable food is produced in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, the economy...

Oxford and Leiden- 75 Years of Twinning

Oxford-Leiden 16.jpg

These photographs showcase the sociability and variety of activities part of twinning between Oxford, and Leiden, a city in Holland....


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