Created by You

Created by You

These exhibitions include all of the stories and objects submitted by City Stories visitors. They include:

Covid-19: Oxford under lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic began to spread throughout the world at the end of 2019. By March 2020, it had reached...

Memories of the Town Hall

Ticket  'Two Band Dance', Town Hall29th May1D299485a.jpg

Do you know our Town Hall well? Share your memories and memorabilia in our online exhibition.

Mixing Matters


Mixing Matters is a project celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Oxford's communities. Started through a partnership with the Oxford Hindu...


Gay pride flag.jpg

We are collecting stories of LGBTIQA+ life in Oxford. These will be added to the online version of our Queering...

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


Objects and stories about the people of Oxford's responses, stories, and feelings during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Oxford's Twin Cities


Objects and stories from members of Oxford's twin cities. This includes Bonn (Germany), Grenoble (France), Leiden (Netherlands), Padua (Italy), Wrocław...

Black Lives Matter in Oxford

David Lynch Ox Mail photo.jpg

We are collecting images, audio and video relating to Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall protests in Oxford. 

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