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Black Lives Matter in Oxford


We are collecting images, audio and video relating to Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall protests in Oxford. 

Covid-19: Oxford under lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic began to spread throughout the world at the end of 2019. By March 2020, it had reached the UK to a significant degree. On the 23rd of March, the country entered its first Lockdown to slow the spread of the virus. These pages document this difficult time. They illustrate the changes that happened and the many ways that people were able to adapt.

There are six topics to explore, using the links on the right. Within each topic gallery you can click on each picture to learn more about that particular story. Along the top will be links to the other topics. Thanks for reading!

Eating sustainably in Oxford

_It’s not about the money , it’s about resourcefulness, goodness and enjoyment!.jpg

What is sustainable food?

Sustainable food is produced in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, the economy and the consumer, now and in the future.


You can explore this exhibition, using the links on the right (or below on some mobile devices) and the navigation at the top of the pages. You can drill down into the detail of food sustainability and why it has such an impact on the environment. Or you can read about local heros who are working to improve our local food system. Also, find tips on how to make the food you eat better for you, the environment and the community. Each image in the exhibition is a link leading to more detailed information about that story.


Flooding in Oxford

julian cooper port meadow.jpg

This exhibition discusses some of the issues around flooding in Oxford, past and present. Click the link on the right to enter the exhibition. Within the exhibition, clicking on each image will allow you to view more information about that particular item. This is an evolving document so please feel free to comment on the issues raised and to submit your own items that can be included in the exhibition.


With thanks to Julie Ann Godson and all contributors so far.

Lockdown Experiences from the Adult Learning Group

Penny Murray scarecrow.png

Photographs, artwork and creative writing created by members of the Adult Learning Group that meets in the Museum of Oxford and Town Hall.

Memories of the Town Hall


Do you know our Town Hall well? Share your memories and memorabilia in our online exhibition.

Mixing Matters

Mixing Matters is a project celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Oxford's communities.

Started through a partnership with the Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project, it has involved three other community groups. Participants brought food-related objects which carried meaningful memories, which they shared with others. Inspired by the objects, participants created collaborative art pieces. Favourite recipes were also shared during the sessions. At the end of the project, participants cooked their favourite foods and shared them in a community feast, open to all.

Participating community groups:

Filipino Community of Oxfordshire (winter 2019/20)

African Families in the UK - Women of the World Space (spring 2020)

Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project (summer 2020)

Oxfordshire Nepalese Community (summer 2020) 


Oxford and Leiden- 75 Years of Twinning

Oxford-Leiden 16.jpg

These photographs showcase the sociability and variety of activities part of twinning between Oxford, and Leiden, a city in Holland. Please see this link to the twinning website

Please see this link to information about the Leiden city link on the Oxford town hall website:

Please see this link to information about visiting Leiden

Oxford Queeriosities

We are collecting stories of LGBTIQA+ life in Oxford.* We welcome photos of objects, audio and video recordings, artworks, photographs and written pieces. Anything which helps us create a snapshot of what it's like to be LGBTIQA+ in Oxford in the early 21st century.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, and any other identities, sexualities and groups which do not fit into heteronormative narratives.

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