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JUNE 2020 RHN with bleed (2).pdf
Community Newsletter put together by residents, community organisations and Oxford City Council community workers. This item includes both the May and June editions."Covid 19 has really shown local communities responding to support those who are more…

christmas insert 2020.pdf
“Our annual burst of creativity emerges for our Christmas card inserts. There was only one story in 2020 and I thought - with tongue firmly in cheek -  a  riff on the British Museum’s major exhibitions was the way to present our family’s year. I had…

Amina Vierk picture 1.png
These paintings are submissions of things I have enjoyed during lockdown. Picture 1: Nature journalling. I did a few of the plants sitting in my garden. A challenge! Picture 2: some past times i enjoyed that are the simple pleasures of life during…

Andrew Anderson In Quarantine.PNG
Writing stories in 100 words, not including the title, is a challenge which appeals to me. There is real discipline in providing a beginning, a middle, and an end, and producing something worthwhile, serious, or funny. The coronavirus crisis gives…

Angela Stannard photo of garden.png
I have been much more observant of the natural world since lockdown, through being out and about in nature and doing more gardening.Photo 1: My gardenHaiku Poem 1: BirdsHaiku Poem 2: Wild Flowers This submission is from a member of the Adult…

"I have finished knitting this shawl/throw, started it at the beginning of lockdown, and have just finished it.It is the shawl from a Harry Potter pattern, called 'The Order of the Phoenix.' knitted for my daughter Clare."

About the picture(s)Sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles soared 240% during the first official week of coronavirus lockdown in the UK as people sought to while away the hours stuck at home.Message for the futureThis one took 5 weeks to complete!

About the picture(s)Pubs were ordered to close and toilet paper became a hot commodity amid the coronavirus pandemic.Message for the futureThrough two world wars, Britain's pubs stayed open. They all closed for the first time in the country's history…

About the picture(s)Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.Celebrating Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday Walk for the NHS.Message for the futureThe second franking message is a one-off. Hopefully, the 1st one is too!!
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