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Wroclaw pandemic.jpg
Images of life under lockdown in one of Oxford's twin cities, Wroclaw in Poland.

Annotation 2020-08-19 154215.png
Nana and Angela share their experiences of lockdown and living in Oxford.

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1. How did you get into contemporary music?

I have always loved lots of different types of music from an early age, listening to alternative radio shows as a teenager and reading magazines like Folk Roots. I had a great music teacher at school and…

1. How did you get into singing? I have been singing all my life and always loved performing whenever there was a chance. But I first started to take singing lessons by the age of 13 when I started music school. 2. Do you play any instruments?Yes, I…

1. How long have you played music? I've been hitting piano keys for as long as I remember, jamming out to 70s bands with my dad and writing soundtracks and songs. I was lucky that my local state school happened to have an ace music department, so I…

An exhibition with items contributed and created by the Museum of Oxford's Adult Learning Group during the lockdown period. See the exhibition here.

1. How long have you play guitar / ukulele?

I started playing punk rock bar chords on my dad’s old acoustic when I was 15 so I’ve been playing about 40 years although it doesn’t show unfortunately! I’ve never had proper lessons so have lots of…

Penny Murray scarecrow.png
My kind friend let me grow veg, on a borrowed corner of her allotment, on the most beautiful site, off Pullens Lane. It was an absolute sanity-saver, in these strangest of times. To say ‘thanks’ I made the scarecrow for her.  This submission is from…

Being furloughed gave me a chance to do something I really wanted to do but had absolutely no time for under normal circumstances; turning a concrete bench into an enormous mosaic. I collected unwanted tiles from friends and the Orinoco scrapstore in…

Sheila Costello picture 1.png
This is a drawing I did inspired by the wonderful Iffley Meadows in Oxford.I started this at the last Art Group at Oxford Town Hall before the lockdown and finished it at home. So my inspiration was the Art Group. This submission is from a member of…
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