Setting up the West Oxford Local Response Hub

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Setting up the West Oxford Local Response Hub


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


"On the 27th of March, myself and several colleagues from a range of departments across Oxford City Council met outside the West Oxford Community Centre on the Botley Road to assist with setting up the West Oxford Local Response Hub. We were briefed outside, with at least 2 metres between each of us! The hub has been set up, as with several others across the city, to allow the council and the voluntary organisation Oxford Hub to respond to local need. Those people who are particularly isolated and in need of support through these hard times are being encouraged to contact the Council or use the online form. Their needs are then directed to the hub workers to deal with and respond to.

I work at the Museum so this is completely different to my day job. It is also a changing and developing area. We know we won't have all of the answers until we start hearing more of the questions. What I really took away from the initial meeting was the sense that everyone there wanted to help. I think at this current moment in time everyone is able to do their bit to help others, be it supporting family, friends or even strangers. Even crossing the road when you see a family out on a walk coming towards you is doing your bit (as antisocial as it might seem)!"

- David Juler, Museum Development Officer at the Museum of Oxford


27th March 2020


Museum of Oxford


David Juler

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