The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


Objects and stories about the people of Oxford's responses, stories, and feelings during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Collection Items

Wicked Oxford
A shot of the interior of Wicked Chocolate shop, inside the Covered Market, Oxford.

Hung Out To Dry
Two artists Jill Green and Nimmi Naidoo for the NHS workers during the COVID Pandemic on Bonn Square from the 8th of May until the 16th of May.

Return to Oxford
Revisiting Oxford in April 2021

Oxford University's Botanic Gardens
A new student at Oxford University, I took a scenic tour of the town, visiting the University of Oxford's botanic gardens before COVID-19.

Family Christmas Newsletter 2020
“Our annual burst of creativity emerges for our Christmas card inserts. There was only one story in 2020 and I thought - with tongue firmly in cheek -  a  riff on the British Museum’s major exhibitions was the way to present our family’s year. I had…

Nana and Angela experiences of lockdown
Nana and Angela share their experiences of lockdown and living in Oxford.

Lockdown experiences from the Adult Learning Group
An exhibition with items contributed and created by the Museum of Oxford's Adult Learning Group during the lockdown period. See the exhibition here.

Furlough Highs
Being furloughed gave me a chance to do something I really wanted to do but had absolutely no time for under normal circumstances; turning a concrete bench into an enormous mosaic. I collected unwanted tiles from friends and the Orinoco scrapstore in…

Lockdown 2020 - Oxford University collecting site
The Lockdown 2020 website is here.The University of Oxford collected stories, experiences, photos and items of students during lockdown. It is a great insight into a variety of changing ‘new normal’ situations and the feelings surrounding being in…

Takeaway Only: Restaurants in Lockdown
Notification of a restaurant only opened for takeaway when lockdown just began.
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