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Lillian Spearing photo 1.png
My First Three Attempts Being confined to home and garden, I took the opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do for a few years now… pit firing. I have a few pieces made from wild clay (i.e. clay found/dug up) that no one wanted to fire in…

I have been much more observant of the natural world since lockdown, through being out and about in nature and doing more gardening.Photo 1: My gardenHaiku Poem 1: BirdsHaiku Poem 2: Wild Flowers This submission is from a member of the Adult…

Notification of a restaurant only opened for takeaway when lockdown just began.

street COVID-19.5.jpg
An ambulance running during lockdown in Oxford taken in March.

street COVID-19.3.JPG
Street of Oxford during lockdown taken in March

These photos have been taken in my local area and how it has changed during lockdown.Photo 1: Church closed in Headley Way. Photo 2: Thursday night clapping .These ladies I asked if this photo could be used. They were quite happy for this to…

Carole Dela Disappointment.PNG
The 100 word challenge was just that - a challenge, and during lockdown seemed something to work the grey cells and hopefully achieve a beginning, middle and end! Both of these 100 word stories were written during lockdown, the first story is…

The pleasures of life during lockdown.jpg
These paintings are submissions of things I have enjoyed during lockdown. Picture 1: Nature journalling. I did a few of the plants sitting in my garden. A challenge! Picture 2: some past times i enjoyed that are the simple pleasures of life during…

Sue Hutchings pic 1.png
This collage was prompted by a photo in the newspaper of a couple saying goodbye prior to lockdown.This submission is from a member of the Adult Learning Group. The Adult Learning Group includes Searchers (a research group), Art Group, and Creative…

Peter Upham card 1.png
These photos were taken in the early days of the lockdown, in the centre of Oxford, when i was cycling around.The photos have been used to create a pop-up card.This submission is from a member of the Adult Learning Group. The Adult Learning Group…
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