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Wolvercote YPC.jpg
Creatively Clever was created by Wolvercote YPC and Leys CDI. It is a young person led inititive helping Oxford residents aged 13 to 18 to overcome the difficulties of lockdown with group activities available online.

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Shipton Hub started with the beginning of lockdown. Previous to the coronavirus pandemic, volunteers had been distributing free Pret A Manger food once a week through the food waste app Olio. However with the onset of lock down and an increase in…

Oxford City Council worked in conjunction with the Central Oxford Mosque to provide food, during the month of Ramadan, to those who are vulnerable and in need because of Covid-19. For more information, you can read the following news articles:…

"At first I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the cleaner air with hardly any traffic. Once I was the only person on High Street; on another occasion I seemed to have Christ Church Meadow all to myself. In spring the city would be thronged with the…

"A very small selection of my pictures taken over the Easter period in Oxford. I am an Oxford man and I have never seen Oxford like it. It was amazing walking around the deserted city. Truly astonishing! The original images are in colour, however…

Chalk Rainbow.jpg
Rainbows have steadily become a symbol of solidarity throughout the country. Their display demonstrates the support of the NHS and its front line workers. The attached pictures were both found in the OX1 area and demonstrate this support.

OVADA (Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency) invite young and old to contribute to the OVADA Covid Quilt Project! Embroider, Stitch, Applique, Weave, Sew, Knit or Print! The squares you create will eventually be sewn together to make a giant…

Covid Amulet_web2.jpg
Washing your hands with soap has become such a fundamental part of the current times that it inspired me to create this piece of work. Inspired by amulets seen through history that were thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease. I…

Oxford in Lockdown.mp4
A video of the empty streets of Oxford during the Coronavirus lockdown.

"Been out for a walk on my own as have barely left the house in 3 weeks and needed the exercise . Although it was nice to see that people are isolating it was also so weird seeing Oxford city so empty, I have never in my whole life seen it like…
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