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homemade cricket bat image.jpg
"We made a cricket bat out of an old shed and some black tape. We use a step ladder as wickets

I suppose you could say we made it because we were bored and thought it would be something to do. None of us actually play cricket and we play by our…

barefoot marathon image 1.jpg
This photo and newspaper clippings show Malcolm Lumb running barefoot in Oxford, training for marathons and races.

Malcolm’s photograph was taken in Oxford when he was 38. He had taken up marathon running at the age of 33. He often ran barefoot…

yoga mat image 1.jpg
Bought in October 2016, the yoga mat is red and orange.

Andy attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in his yoga mat.

Andy has suffered with arthritis since he was 23 years old but by the end 2015 it has left him housebound…

Venetian Forcola image 1.jpg
Brought to Oxford in 1994, this item is part of a Sandolo given to Oxford’s City Barge Boat Club.

Richard attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in a Venetian Forcola. This is the typical Venetian rowlock used in gondola style…

cheetah jacket image 1.jpg
Dating to 2008, this speedway race jacket is for the Oxford Cheetahs. On the front of the jacket a Cheetah is represented with the sponsorship branding of TFSuccess. On the reverse the jacket has the number ‘1’ with the sponsor’s branding again.…

curling image.jpg
My friend Peter and I have been playing New Age Curling, New Age Bowling and Carpet Bowls at our local community centre in Rose Hill for the last 24 weeks. It is very competitive with Peter winning at curling most of the time. Peter is senior to me…
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