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Yoga Mat


Sporting Oxford


Bought in October 2016, the yoga mat is red and orange.

Andy attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in his yoga mat.

Andy has suffered with arthritis since he was 23 years old but by the end 2015 it has left him housebound and in a wheelchair due to painful, swollen limbs. His recovery started in early 2016 when he started following a whole foods, plant based diet called the Paddison programme. By October 2016, he was able to ‘hobble’ and so decided to try Bikrim Yoga (as suggested in the programme).

On 16th October 2016 he drove over to Yoga Venue. Andy describes the experience as ‘emotionally difficult’ – he, an older man who was a ‘cripple’, was attending a class with young, physically active women. Thankfully he received a warm welcome and was made to feel part of the group immediately. He had to be man-handled onto the floor. Since he went to that first class, Andy has attended Bikrim at Yoga Venue 5/6 times per week. It took four months of yoga before Andy was able to pick himself off the floor without assistance. He purchased the mat after his first two sessions.

Andy’s story is inspirational – he’s gone from being confined to a wheelchair on lots of medication to being able to balance and walk about with ease without having to take medication for his arthritis. For him, Bikrim Yoga is ‘the healing yoga’.


16th October 2016


Andy Swanbrick


Museum of Oxford


Andy Swanbrick


Bikrim at Yoga Venue


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