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Entertainment and sport


Objects and stories about entertainment and sport in Oxford.

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Theatre programme from February 1945
This has been in the family for many years and was recently rediscovered. It is believed my father kept it after attending the performance. At the time he was a 17 year old at St Edwards school in Oxford.The bottom of the page on the first image has…

MUE Performance at Lamb and Flag Passage
Documentation of improvised performance in one of Oxford’s historical passages. This is a space people normally walk through, this performance brought attention to its unique atmosphere.

‘Gravitational Waves’ dance performance
‘Gravitational Waves’ dance performance at Oxford Castle Quarter, Compagnie Retouramont presented by Dancin' Oxford 2015Documentation of performance by French dance company Compagnie Retouramont in the Oxford Castle Quarter. Working with a framework…

Lucifer and Miss Primrose by Mandala Theatre Company and Histoires 100 Fins
Performance in Oxford city centre on 25/04/19. More information can be found on a page about the production on the Mandala Theatre Company website, please see this link:…

Interview with Jo Ross, director of Oxford Contemporary Music
1. How did you get into contemporary music?

I have always loved lots of different types of music from an early age, listening to alternative radio shows as a teenager and reading magazines like Folk Roots. I had a great music teacher at school and…

1. How did you get into singing? I have been singing all my life and always loved performing whenever there was a chance. But I first started to take singing lessons by the age of 13 when I started music school. 2. Do you play any instruments?Yes, I…

Interview with Hannah Jacobs
1. How long have you played music? I've been hitting piano keys for as long as I remember, jamming out to 70s bands with my dad and writing soundtracks and songs. I was lucky that my local state school happened to have an ace music department, so I…

1. How long have you play guitar / ukulele?

I started playing punk rock bar chords on my dad’s old acoustic when I was 15 so I’ve been playing about 40 years although it doesn’t show unfortunately! I’ve never had proper lessons so have lots of…

Interview with Leo B
1. How long have you been into reggae?

I guess a bit since school - the cool kids liked Bob Marley, so I thought I’d try. But back then I was more into heavy metal, punk and grunge. That seemed more rebellious! It really kicked in when I was a…

Performing with Horns of Plenty
I have played the alto saxophone since joining the Horns of Plenty street band in February 2008. The band kindly gave me some free lessons with professional saxophonist / flautist Pete McPhail to get me up to speed. After a couple of years I…
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