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Venetian Forcola


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Brought to Oxford in 1994, this item is part of a Sandolo given to Oxford’s City Barge Boat Club.

Richard attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in a Venetian Forcola. This is the typical Venetian rowlock used in gondola style boats – rowed whilst standing up! This Forcola is part of a Sandolo, a particular type of boat, which was donated to Oxford’s City Barge Boat Club in 1994 by the Societie Canottierie Querini, a Venetian boating society.

Richard told us that the City Barge Boat Club began in 1992 sharing its home with Hertford College at the boathouse in Longbridges. Interestingly, the club secured this stunning location as the planning permission insisted that ‘town use’ of the site was included. Set up in the ‘Rose and Crown’ pub on North Parade, Richard showed us the club’s emblem, which includes the rose and the crown.

The strong association of the club to Venice was clearly demonstrated with the donation of the Sandolo. This connection has seen Richard and the club host visitors from Venice and organising trips there to race! This year (2019) City Barge attended the 44th Vogalonga, an international rally they have been involved in since its second year. Richard showed us some amazing photographs and the start of the race in Venice. It looks to be a fantastic spectacle with hundreds of boats.

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Image 1: man holds Venetian Forcola, image 2: close up of Venetian Forcola

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