Cheetahs Speedway Race Jacket

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Cheetahs Speedway Race Jacket


Sporting Oxford


Dating to 2008, this speedway race jacket is for the Oxford Cheetahs. On the front of the jacket a Cheetah is represented with the sponsorship branding of TFSuccess. On the reverse the jacket has the number ‘1’ with the sponsor’s branding again.

Ian attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in a Speedway jacket dating to the 2008 season. It was Ian’s company who sponsored the team that season, which was to be the last season the team competed in and featured three fixtures.

The connection between Ian and Speedway began with his father taking him to races when he was young. He remembered visiting the circus in Oxford when he was 9 years old and being introduced to the sport. One of the key aspects Ian remembered was the smell. Getting to meet his hero, Gordon Kennett, the captain of the Oxford Rebels (later renamed the Cheetahs), is a fond memory of Ian’s.

The loss of Speedway and what it meant to its many supporters was clear from Ian’s connections and memories of the sport. The fact that he sponsored the team to have a season when finances for the club were so restricted clearly shows his passion and love of the sport.


2008 Speedway Season


Ian Kirke


Museum of Oxford


Ian Kirke


Oxford Speedway Cheetahs


Oxford Speedway Cheetahs

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