Photos of Barefoot Marathon Runner

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Photos of Barefoot Marathon Runner


Sporting Oxford


This photo and newspaper clippings show Malcolm Lumb running barefoot in Oxford, training for marathons and races.

Malcolm’s photograph was taken in Oxford when he was 38. He had taken up marathon running at the age of 33. He often ran barefoot for marathons and on training runs. Sometimes, Malcolm would take his running shoes off halfway through a race if he was wearing any! Malcolm noticed the difference between road surfaces in England and the USA where he ran in the New York marathon.

When Malcolm worked in the car factory in Cowley, he would use his break at midnight to run through the streets of Oxford. Sometimes, his colleagues would place a bet to see if someone could outpace him running short distances in the factory – but they never did!

These newspaper cuttings feature Malcolm, known for running barefoot or in unusual footwear, including wellington boots! From taking part in marathons across the world, to running with local Oxford clubs, these press cuttings are a snapshot of Malcolm’s running career and highlight some of his adventures along the way. These include:

In Newbury, Malcolm was misdirected by a steward and ended up in someone’s back garden, but he still managed to win.

While he was in the bookies, Malcolm heard a woman screaming as some men had snatched her bag. Malcolm sped after them, and managed to grab the ignition key from thieves’ car.

Malcolm never slept before a marathon due to nerves but stayed up all night listening to music.


Various dates in the 20th and 21st Centuries


Malcolm Lumb


Museum of Oxford


Malcolm Lumb, various newspapers


Malcolm Lumb and various newspapers


Malcolm Lumb and various newspapers

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