Happy Cakes Spreads Joy to Local Hospitals

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Happy Cakes Spreads Joy to Local Hospitals


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


Happy Cakes have been making cupcakes in their Summertown based kitchen since 2009. However, since lockdown, they have turned their talents to saying thank you to Oxford hospitals' front-line workers. Happy Cakes have been working closely with the Oxford Hospitals Charity to supply them with weekly deliveries of mini 'thank you NHS' cupcakes. These deliveries span from the paediatric intensive wards to the procurement team desperately ordering supplies to the radiotherapy team at Churchill who are still treating 300 cancer patients daily. In addition, Happy Cakes have been working with local charities such as the Oxford Foodbank, Waste2Taste and The Gatehouse who distribute meals to the homeless and vulnerable.


Museum of Oxford


Happy Cakes

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Image 1: boxes of cupcakes with blue stickers, illegible text
Image 2: tray of cupcakes
Image 3: chocolate cupcakes, stickers read 'thank you NHS'
Image 4: white cupcakes, stickers read 'Oxford hospitals charity'
Image 5: More 'thank you NHS' cupcakes

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