Nic Vickery's "Gracie Fields" Portrait

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Nic Vickery's "Gracie Fields" Portrait


International Conflict


"'Gracie Fields' was inspired by that fantastic band of ladies who worked through both World Wars, known as the Women's Land Army. I have a cherished photo of my Gran, 'Kitty', taken in 1917 in her 1st World War Land Army uniform. Although my Gracie may be in 1940s garb, she stands for a generation that faced life and an ever changing reality with determination and fortitude. "

- Oxford born artist, Nic Vickery


Museum of Oxford


Original Format

Image 1: 'Gracie Fields' a pastel portrait with touches of metallic ink.

Image 2: A photograph of the artist's Gran 'Kitty'. The photo was believed to have been taken in Gloucestershire before Kitty spent most of her adult life in Oxford.

Alt text

Image 1: painting of a fox wearing a headscarf and knitted vest
Image 2: black and white photo of a man in military uniform, a woman and a dog

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