'Locked within' reflections on lockdown

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'Locked within' reflections on lockdown


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


About a day

A typical day begins with waking up, not much of a change. However now I do not need an alarm, my body is free to wake up naturally without a loud penetrating noise. I do my work when I want and how I want. I enjoy the company of myself and my family. I learn new skills and new things about myself. As a whole these kickdown days are teaching me more about the world and my life than I got to learn when I was out. This is the longest I've ever spent isolated from the world yet surprisingly (or possibly not) the most relaxed I've ever been. So like any other typical lock down day, it consists of me talking to myself, a lot. A bit like I am doing right now. But hey, it's a hell of a lot more fun than anyone else I've ever spoken to.

Message to the future

I hope my future self recognises and truly appreciates the new skills and philosophies I have learnt during this quarantine as a teenager. Sorry for not doing school work but I mean school was not open so what did you expect. Anyway hope you're having a blast and I really hope whatever you are doing you enjoy it and are happy. I look forward from hearing back from you. And remember if no one else loves you, I do.

By Sabrina


May 2020




Museum of Oxford



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