Black Lives Matter placards at South Park

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placards at south park 2.jpg
placards at south park 3.jpg
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Black Lives Matter placards at South Park


Black Lives Matter in Oxford


Photographs of placards from the Black Lives Matter protests on the 3rd and 7th of June 2020 at South Park in Oxford. The majority of these are from the 7th of June protests. 

The signs were attached to railings by protestors at both the Morrell Avenue entrance to South Park and Warneford Lane entrance. The signs and placards were donated to the Bodleian Library.


3rd and 7th June 2020


Museum of Oxford


Oxford City Council

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Summary: 4 images of fence covered in cardboard signs from BLM protest, no people around
Text on signs: 'black lives matter', 'no justice, no peace', 'there comes a time when silence is betrayal', 'solidarity is a doing word', 'racism is also a pandemic', 'we are all human', 'god made us all equal', 'BLM, justice', 'black men's/women's/trans/queer/nonbinary lives matter'

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