Race and inequality


Race and inequality


A collection of items and stories relating race and inequality

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Oxford Community Action
The purposes of Oxford Community Action are:To support new and emerging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) alongside more established BAME communities to tackle and overcome barriers created by structural inequalities (e.g. labour…

When black Methodists weren't allowed to speak
Article from Wesley Mem Weekly for 6 October 2020. It recalls an event in Oxford in 1951, of which we Methodists are ashamed. At least the protest meeting was held in our church. The photo at the top of the page is more cheerful - of the wedding at…

BLM/RMF Oxford Protest 2020
"I assumed the third protest would be outside Oriel College on High Street. When I arrived I was told it would be at the Natural History Museum. Unaware that the protest was starting in East Oxford, I went directly to Parks Road. When the protesters…

Photographs of Black Lives Matter &  Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford
"On 9th June, I was walking on the high street and planning to head back home before I noticed that many photographers with their big cameras were standing opposite the Oriel College and waiting for something to happen. I checked my phone and…

Black Lives Matter protest in Oxford, livestream
Filmes and livestreamed on Facebook by Zoe Broughton.

Screenshot of the Rhodes Must Fall protest
I was watching the protest via live-streaming on Facebook and there were people watching online from around the world, including Brasil, Nigeria, Tanzania and Pakistan. It really felt as though we were part of a global, not just a local, event.

Protest in Oxford Tuesday 9th of June
Film footage of the Rhodes Must Fall protest outside of Oriel College.

Black Lives Matter - Oxford
My Dad and I speaking at Black Lives Matter protest in South Park in Oxford:

Black Lives Matter placards at South Park
Photographs of placards from the Black Lives Matter protests on the 3rd and 7th of June 2020 at South Park in Oxford. The majority of these are from the 7th of June protests. The signs were attached to railings by protestors at both the Morrell…
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