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Article from Wesley Mem Weekly for 6 October 2020. It recalls an event in Oxford in 1951, of which we Methodists are ashamed. At least the protest meeting was held in our church. The photo at the top of the page is more cheerful - of the wedding at…

"I assumed the third protest would be outside Oriel College on High Street. When I arrived I was told it would be at the Natural History Museum. Unaware that the protest was starting in East Oxford, I went directly to Parks Road. When the protesters…

The Lockdown 2020 website is here.The University of Oxford collected stories, experiences, photos and items of students during lockdown. It is a great insight into a variety of changing ‘new normal’ situations and the feelings surrounding being in…

Scroll down for video.The 30th of March marks Land Day in Palestine, a day when all Palestinians commemorate land loss and martyrs who were killed in 1976 by Israeli Authority while defending and protecting their lands. Normally on this day; events…

This recording was made at 8pm on the 26th of March 2020 in New Hinksey, Oxford .
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