A View from the High Street

A View from the High Street.jpg
Rhodes Must Fall protest Oxford June 2020.jpg


A View from the High Street


Protest and demonstration


I'm a reporter at the Oxford Mail. I was at the protest for work. This is one of a few pictures I snapped to add to a rolling Twitter thread giving updates on the protest. I'm not a photographer and I'm never proud of photos I take, but I think I lucked out here. This is taken from just outside St Mary's Church opposite Oriel College, looking west along the High. I think this photo just gives an idea of who some of the people were who took part in the protest, what they wanted to say via their placards, and also that they were concerned about public health at the time hence the face masks. It was a powerful evening. I'm glad to have been there.


Museum of Oxford

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protest on high street, someone holds 'Black Lives Matter'
homemade sign

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