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Tribe Zero Waste are helping Oxfordshire go plastic-free by offering fortnightly plastic-free delivery of bulk detergents, self-care products and organic food to your doorstep. Why did you want to get involved with minimising waste? Why is it such an…

Rectory Farm have pick-your-own fruit and veg, and farm shop and cafe.Back to Local Food Exhibition

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Food for Charities brings food that supermarkets/wholesalers would normally throw away to charities and people in need. This is a win-win-win:It cuts down on the tonnes of perfectly good food that are thrown away every day It provides fresh, healthy…

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Why not take a course on foraging? A great way to obtain fresh, local, seasonal and free food!Back to Sustainable Food Exhibition

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Use this interactive map to find places to forage for food in and around Oxford.Back to Sustainable Food Exhibition

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Oxford Food Surplus Café is a pop-up friendly café where all are welcome to come and eat and co-create community through FOOD. They aim to help redress the imbalance in our distorted food system by reclaiming surplus food and transforming…

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My Mum and I would get up really early on a Sunday morning in the Summer and go over the fields and pick mushrooms fresh for Dads breakfast!Back to Sustainable Food Exhibition

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"During the first lockdown we were unable to get supermarket delivery slots so started to use local shops, which had started delivery services. We were immediately struck by the fabulous quality of the meat, fruit and veg etc. and by how much less…

Waste2Taste provide affordable and ethical food, serving local people through a Community café, providing a catering service with a vision towards a vibrant, healthy and sustainable food culture, committed to reduce food…

“On 14 November 1894, Oxfordshire continued to endure the worst floods for decades, with another 1.25" of rain added to an already inundated landscape. "Jackson's Oxford Journal" pointed out that one inch of rain delivers a hundred tons of water per…
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