Photographs of Perm, Russia under Lockdown

Karl Marx Square, Perm, desinfection, by Kira Solovyeva.jpg
Perm City Centre, the Esplanade by Olga Krayushkina.jpg
Perm City, empty spaces, by Olga Krayushkina.jpg
Perm Theatre Park by Darya Permyakova.JPG
Perm, Komsomolskiy Prospekt by Dmitriy Reshetnik.JPG
Perm, Sibirskaya St., March 2020 by Darya Permyakova.jpg
Rush hours in Perm, early April by Pavel Vorobev.jpg
The Kama River Embankment by Darya Permyakova.jpg
The Kama River Embankment, Perm, by Olga Krayushkina.jpg
View of the Kama River by Darya Permyakova.JPG
A street sculpture in the downtown area, Perm, by Kira Solovyeva.jpg


Photographs of Perm, Russia under Lockdown


Oxford's Twin Cities, The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


"Unfamiliar urban landscape with few people."

The images capture Perm, Russia under Lockdown. The photographs are recorded as:
  • Karl Marx Square, disinfected
  • Perm City Centre, the esplanade
  • Perm City, empty spaces
  • Perm Theatre Park
  • Perm, Komsomolsky Prospekt
  • Perm, Sibirskaya Street
  • Rush hour in Perm
  • The Kama River embankment
  • View of the Kama River
  • A Street sculpture in the downtown area


Spring, 2020


Museum of Oxford


Photographs provided by Daria Permyakova, Olga Borovykh, Dmitri Reshetnik, Kira Solovyeva and Pavel Vorobev.

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