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Summary: pictures of historical artefacts, question prompts and example answers in a spider diagram around them (all transcribed below)
Image 1: close up of animal bone pavement
Text 1: 'what is this obejct?, this image shows a section of a knuckle bone pavement' 'what was used to make it? it is suggested that the pavement is made using cannon bones - the limb of a hooved animal like horses or cattle'
'why did you choose this object? I chose it because there aren't many examples of knuckle bone pavement. The pavement is also an interesting example of recycling.'
'who made this object or what sort of person used it? who made this object is unknown but it could have been used in a house or business, maybe a tanner. These types of floors drained well so would be useful.'
'where was this object found/used? the object was found in Oxford, it is only one of seventeen examples of knucklebone paving. The majority of these can be found in Oxfordshire.'
'when was this object used? the pavement dates back to the 1600s'
Image 2: Invitation from the mayor and mayoress to the British Dental Society Ball at the town hall, blue ink, city of Oxford crest at the top
Text 2: 'who is your story about? what is your relationship to them? my story is about my grandfather who was a dentist on Beaumont Street for many years ago. He and my grandmother used to attend lots of dances together.'
'why do you want to tell this story? I really like the embossing on the Oxford coat of arms and that you can see where a mistake was made on the date which has been coloured over. My grandmother was very fond of Oxford town hall.'
'what is the object linked to your story? what does the object tell you? this is an invitation to the 1963 British Dental Society Ball at the Oxford town hall. This object demonstrates what sort of events happened in Oxford's town hall.'
'where is the person/object from your story from? where did you acquire the object? all of the invitations my grandfather received, this was one of many, were held in Oxford. I found the invitation after my grandmum passed away and we began sorting through my grandparents things.'
'where did the story take place? how old is the object? the invitation shows the date of the ball as Tuesday 23rd July 1963. This means the invitation is 57 years old!

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