Shipton Hub is Supporting Oxford's Vulnerable Residents

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Shipton Hub is Supporting Oxford's Vulnerable Residents


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


Shipton Hub started with the beginning of lockdown. Previous to the coronavirus pandemic, volunteers had been distributing free Pret A Manger food once a week through the food waste app Olio. However with the onset of lock down and an increase in food povery, members of the community "didn't want [their] regular people to go hungry." So Shipton Hub began. They scaled up, found more food and started recruitment. The hub now distributes food to the A&E at the JR, three homeless shelters in Oxford, two food banks in Kidlington and to the three emergency services on a weekly basis.

In addition to this work, because mental well being is just as important as physical, the hub started a letter writing scheme for care homes called 'Letters in Lockdown.' Shipton Hub is inviting Oxford residents to send their letters to a central email address, these messages will then be printed and sent directly to care homes. The organisation delivers on average 45 letters every two weeks.


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