Old and raggedy jumper



Old and raggedy jumper


Movement of people


This picture shows an old jumper that is falling apart and has most of the colour washed out of it. Even so, I cannot throw it away since it is associated with many happy memories.

I acquired the jumper more than ten years ago when I was completing my MSc studies as a mature student at Oxford University. I was lucky enough to study with a great group of students and we formed a strong bond, so much so that I am still in contact with most of them today. One of the things that made the group so special was its diversity as we were made up of students from India, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, Macedonia and the UK. The opportunity to meet and learn from people from all over the world with different stories to tell is one of the things I treasure most about living in Oxford.

Furthermore, my year studying for the MSc constituted a significant career change and opened a lot of doors, and I have been living in Oxford ever since. Consequently, however forlorn the jumper becomes, I don’t think I will ever be able to get rid of it.


August 2011


Simon P



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An old, faded dark blue jumper with an Oxford university crest.

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