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BBC Great British Bunting


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford
International conflict


With so many events cancelled or restricted for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day on the 8th May, we wanted to come up with a way for people across Oxfordshire to mark the occasion, express their pride in our country and to remember and honour the men and women of WW2. So we are inviting people to get creative and make their own special ‘Great British Bunting’ to hang in their windows. Bunting can be decorated with pictures of soldiers who fought on the frontline or those who worked on the Homefront. Or you could draw a poppy to commemorate the fallen, a dove to celebrate lasting peace or a rainbow to symbolise hope. All the guidance and inspiration you need to make your bunting from whatever you have at home can be found at

We’re asking people to send us their pictures and to tag us (@BBCOxford) in their social media as well as using the hashtags #GreatBritishBunting and #VEDay75 so that all the effort people put in can be shared far and wide. We’d also love anyone to get in touch with us to share their family stories of VE Day via social media or


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Image 1: bunting in window with red, white and blue designs
Image 2: bunting in window themed around the NHS and VE day
Image 3: 2 children make VE day bunting
Image 4: translucent, black and white image of WW2 soldiers on a table with craft supplies

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