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Oxford Community Action


Race and inequality


The purposes of Oxford Community Action are:

To support new and emerging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) alongside more established BAME communities to tackle and overcome barriers created by structural inequalities (e.g. labour market and ethnic health inequalities) that prevent BAME individuals and communities from reaching their full potential and enjoying equal representation and participation as active citizens within UK institutions and wider civil society.

Some examples of projects that they have done to support the local community:

  • Direct fundraising for marginalised and hard to reach groups in need to support them with raw food supplies in response to Covid-19
  • Translation and distribution of leaflets detailing important information and help points to navigate families through the lockdown
  • Help to identify funding pots for community-led projects
  • Research into BAME communities’ access to Mens Health Services in the NHS




Oxford Community Action


Museum of Oxford


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