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Abundance Oxford


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Abundance Oxford is a not-for-profit community harvesting, redistributing & preserving collective.
They harvest excess fruit & veg from all over Oxford and redistribute it to community groups who want & need fruit, primarily through the Oxford Food Bank. They also organise skill-shares for the general public to preserve the rest of the fruit & care for the trees from which they came.
They meet once a month on the second Tuesday of the month in the Fir Tree pub (Iffley Road) for a meeting then social. They also share food, go foraging and harvesting, cook outside and have fun together.
They say: 'If you are interested in, or love to cook, preserve food, make jam, share food, meet new people, pick fruit straight from the tree, access to ecologically-grown, free fruit and veg or can’t stand food waste, then come and meet us and join in some of our events and activities.' "

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Abundance Oxford


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