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Marston Community Garden


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Over the last year, March 2020-2021, Marston Community Garden has developed to include community-owned orchards, chickens and allotments, spaces for sharing tools and produce, and woodland and wildflower areas. Fruit, vegetables and eggs are shared amongst the members and the local community. As Alistair Morris says "This is what we ALL should be trying to do!". They even have a communal electric car.

These activities are sustainable in so many ways. Biodiversity is increased. Food is produced locally, with no packaging or transport costs. It is shared with local people to improve health and reduce financial hardship. Finally, the act of growing, giving, and receiving all increase community feeling and wellbeing.

Heres what some of the users involved with the project had to say about it:

Annie Tyson: "As a family, we want to grow more fruit and veg and having a raised bed at the allotment means we can have plants that wont fit in our garden at home....without taking on a full allotment.... although the boys are less pleased about the plans for a courgette plant ... the planned raspberry canes and rhubarb crowns have got their thumbs up."

Anna Oldfield: "I love this project so much! It makes growing food really accessible and we really enjoy dropping by to always be welcomed by a friendly face, and meeting more of the local community. "We took home one of the pumpkins grown at the community garden and have enjoyed many rounds of pumpkin and chana dal soup (with more pumpkin still frozen in the freezer!) We saved the seeds which we are growing now and will hopefully harvest some more pumpkins from this autumn. "We now have our own plot near the community garden so borrow the communal tools. We also help take care of the chickens and only eat Marston eggs now. I found out I actually really enjoy cleaning out the coop (it probably helps that it’s a shared task so not too often!)"

Anna Oldfield: "I really appreciate the fact that the community gardening is very inter generational and brings together people of all ages."

Jane Wilson: "Court Place Farm Allotment Association is delighted to work with MCG. It has quickly expanded traditional allotments into areas that the association would have done much more slowly or not at all: a community orchard, raised starter beds, the Coop Co-op of laying chickens, hazel coppicing, wild flower areas and communal growing."

Tessa Hennessy: "The communal tree planting which MCG has organised has been very positive and brought people together in a common cause, to increase the number of trees in Oxford. The events which MCG organises are a wonderful opportunity to make friends and share experiences and ideas."

Jane Wilson: "Oh, and the Forest Garden which it has supported, and which is a wonder to watch."

Helen: “It was supremely satisfying recently, having been given a pointer to the refill station outside the Marston vicarage, to walk along and refill my own bottles from your filling station, and at cost price too! Thank you so much. It was a great feeling.”

Alistair Morris: "This is what we ALL should be trying to do..... EVERYTHING!!!! :-) :-) More resilience, more sustainability and joined up connectivity/efficiency!? The whole biosphere/ecosystem.... Veg, fruit, eggs, milk, honey, jam, pickles/preserves, chutneys and cakes!!!! :-) We now also have Marston Eco Club and Marston Energy Club...joining all the dots! :-) Mental well being godsend, and local resilience saviour! :-)"

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