Photos of my local area

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Photos of my local area


Lockdown experiences


These photos have been taken in my local area and how it has changed during lockdown.

Photo 1: Church closed in Headley Way.

Photo 2: Thursday night clapping .These ladies I asked if this photo could be used. They were quite happy for this to happen.

Photo 3: Junction to JR Hospital with Headley Way always so congested.

Photo 4:  Notice on the entrance to West Wing

Photo 5: Notice on the path up to the main entrance informing where the Covd Pod for patients.

Photo 6: Empty Play Park adjacent the JR

Photo 7: Up in Arms  pub in Marston  open today to collect your orders. Pizza tomorrow.

This submission is from a member of the Adult Learning Group. The Adult Learning Group includes Searchers (a research group), Art Group, and Creative Writing Group.


April 2020


Museum of Oxford


Lynda Massey


Lynda Massey

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