100 Word Stories by Andrew Anderson

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100 Word Stories by Andrew Anderson


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Writing stories in 100 words, not including the title, is a challenge which appeals to me. There is real discipline in providing a beginning, a middle, and an end, and producing something worthwhile, serious, or funny. The coronavirus crisis gives many opportunities and ideas.

This submission is from a member of the Adult Learning Group. The Adult Learning Group includes Searchers (a research group), Art Group, and Creative Writing Group.


April 2020


Andrew Anderson


Museum of Oxford


Andrew Anderson



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images contain 100 word stories full transcriptions below:
In Quarantine:
Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses were sitting together at their weekly meeting for coffee and gossip. Usually, there were lots of smiles and laughter and jokes. But not today. They sat in silence, grim-faced and downcast. The coffee remained untouched.
Hugs said "no-one wants me anymore. When I get near, they move off."
Cuddles said "Me too, everyone keeps turning away".
Kisses said "People keep shouting 'two metres! Two metres!"
Suddenly, the cafe door opened, and a policeman came in.
"I've been looking for you three. Get into the van, and down to the station. You're arrested!"
More precious than rubies:
Melanie knew that she had a special husband.
Peter was handsome, clever, generous. In all their years together he had never said an unkind or angry word to her. He always took her side in an argument, always praised her in front of others, always saw the best in her. When he inherited from his parents, his first thought was to promise her the holiday she had long dreamed of.
But though all this was wonderful, there was something else which put him in a class of his own.
In days of lockdown, Melanie rejoiced that Peter was a hairdresser!
Trouble and strife:
My wife and I put on our face masks and goggles, and, for good measure, zipped up the hoods on our jackets. Then off for another coronavirus shop!
The supermarket was very crowded, and we jostled with other shoppers at the entrance.
I turned to my wife, "This is too crowded and unsafe. We must go home!"
But my wife resisted: she loved her shopping! Not taking 'No' for an answer, I had to manhandle her into the car. I'd never known her act like this before.
At home we removed our masks.
It wasn't my wife!

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