A glimpse of Marston through my lockdown lens

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A glimpse of Marston through my lockdown lens


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On the 23rd March we went into lockdown. With immediate effect premises that had to close included playgrounds, churches and non essential shops. We were told to stay at home except to shop for food, and only exercise once a day maintaining a two metre distance from anybody we passed. I took a walk through Marston leaving home and walking across the recreation ground. There were no families playing with their children and the Parish Council had taped off the playground.
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Continuing through the village I spoke to a person on the other side of the road. One good thing about lockdown it has brought out the best in us. Neighbours communicate and try to dispel the isolation imposed on us. I continued round to the church. I walked up the path and sat on a bench. The silence was broken by birdsong, clearer and louder with no traffic and clean air. On the church door a notice read ...
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Retracing my steps towards the local shops the bus stop reiterated the Government's instructions. (photo 5 and 6)

I looked in as I passed the door of the local Co-op. All the required safety was in place...
(photos 7, 8 and 9)

After making a couple of purchases I made my way home. Hopefully we shall return soon to a new "normal" as we come out of lockdown.

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April 2020


Joan Bellinger


Museum of Oxford


Joan Bellinger

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deserted park, taped up play equipment, NHS covid-19 advice signs, social distancing signs

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