Andrà Tutto Bene - Everything will be alright

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Andrà Tutto Bene - Everything will be alright


Twin cities


Lockdown in Padova, Italy during the Coronavirus. We made these signs with rainbows on them and these words and hung them from our balconies. Many children did these pictures with rainbows and the words ‘Andra’ tutto bene’ everything will be okay. They then hung them from their balconies or fences.
Seen in the photos are my children Luca and Lia.

There is also a photo is of our local shopping centre. All the shops inside closed immediately, apart from the supermarket. This is the barrier dividing the 2 areas

On Saturday the 22nd February a small village called Vo’ was put into lockdown. My husbands parents live in the penultimate house before you arrive in Vo’ and there is a photo of the barrier which was permanently guarded by the police to stop anyone entering or leaving the village.


March 2020


Joanna Dolan


Museum of Oxford


Photographs provided by Joanna Dolan

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lockdown scenes e.g., children holding rainbow art, closed shops, masks, red and white tape

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