Clap for Carers: a community united

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Clap for Carers: a community united


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


We live in a small community of students and their spouses. I only learnt one of our neighbours' partner is a Doctor because the virus meant we were making sure everyone was looked after and could get in touch if they needed anything.

At 8pm we left our dinner and went outside to join the chorus of clapping, cheering, drums and whistles to honour and show support for our NHS heros and key workers who are taking risks and making huge sacrifices to help us all in this time of unprecedented crisis.

I looked up to see my neighbour clapping with us too. She took pictures as well - I wonder if it was to show her boyfriend who may well have been at work at the time.

It must be strange being alone in the flat all day waiting for your partner to return from treating sick people, desperately hoping they will be ok and not bring the virus home with them.


8pm March 2020

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