Oxford - a great discovery


Oxford - a great discovery


Written by an English language and literature second year Saudi Arabian student when taking an intensive English course in Oxford during the summer of 2019.


2019 summer vacation


Museum of Oxford


A Great Discovery

Perhaps it is usual that a person might adore a city, but is it possible that a city falls in love with a person? It may seem like a weird question, however, it was asked just like this in one of my cosy mind-enlightening book club discussions. At that intellectual gathering, I had frankly confessed to the members that I was not charmed by any particular city rather to be loved by one! Until at length, I decided to benefit from the lengthy, tedious summer vacation and study in Oxford.

Though humble in terms of geographic space, yet this city has played many different vital roles in the history of England. Its wellknown, respected university has embraced numerous innovative and intelligent scholars whom undoubtedly strove to serve and help the world in various fields. The resemblance between me and Oxford is what really makes me fond of it. It is usually quiet and serene because it is not too populous. Furthermore, it has remarkable medieval abbess, marvellous colleges, and huge number of old and modern libraries where a young bibliophile like me can find his true ecstasy. In the heart of the city, the narrow and dark alleys did not seem to have changed for hundred of years. Spread all around Oxford, the green parks are tranquil and excellent places for contemplation and relaxation. Lastly, I have found that the most significant and unique thing about Oxford is the people of it. They are polite, amiable, and clever.

To summarise, I have become to think of Oxford as a treasure that I found. Therefore, I urge anyone who has not found his to proceed in searching for it, and not be disappointed quickly. Unfortunately, I cannot predict my future, but I hope that Oxford occupies a place in it.

Written by Abdulrahman Abdullah Alsidrah

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