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street COVID-19.3.JPG
Street of Oxford during lockdown taken in March

Oxford in Lockdown.mp4
A video of the empty streets of Oxford during the Coronavirus lockdown.

street COVID-19.5.jpg
An ambulance running during lockdown in Oxford taken in March.

"So we had Mother's Day, our Wedding Anniversary and my husband's birthday all in the space of 3 days last week! The photo is of my husband's online birthday party. We obviously couldn't celebrate as we'd intended but it was great to see family and…

generic image.png
We live in a small community of students and their spouses. I only learnt one of our neighbours' partner is a Doctor because the virus meant we were making sure everyone was looked after and could get in touch if they needed anything.

At 8pm we…

chorus in lockdown image.jpg
To set the scene, we live in Beaumont Buildings which - although in the centre of Oxford, a stone's-throw from the Randolph - is a very quiet backwater full of trees, shrubs and flowers. At the back we benefit from our neighbours' gardens, many given…

deserted streets.jpg
"Been out for a walk on my own as have barely left the house in 3 weeks and needed the exercise . Although it was nice to see that people are isolating it was also so weird seeing Oxford city so empty, I have never in my whole life seen it like…

lockdown knitting.jpg
"I have finished knitting this shawl/throw, started it at the beginning of lockdown, and have just finished it.It is the shawl from a Harry Potter pattern, called 'The Order of the Phoenix.' knitted for my daughter Clare."

lockdown in OX1 image 1.jpg
The three 'closed' signs are in Little Clarendon Street. The empty thoroughfare is St Giles .

Of course, we miss seeing our friends and family, particularly the grandchildren, who grow up so fast that six weeks may seem a lifetime slipped away.…

Lillian Spearing photo 1.png
My First Three Attempts Being confined to home and garden, I took the opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do for a few years now… pit firing. I have a few pieces made from wild clay (i.e. clay found/dug up) that no one wanted to fire in…
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