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JUNE 2020 RHN with bleed (2).pdf
Community Newsletter put together by residents, community organisations and Oxford City Council community workers. This item includes both the May and June editions."Covid 19 has really shown local communities responding to support those who are more…

I have been much more observant of the natural world since lockdown, through being out and about in nature and doing more gardening.Photo 1: My gardenHaiku Poem 1: BirdsHaiku Poem 2: Wild Flowers This submission is from a member of the Adult…

lockdown knitting.jpg
"I have finished knitting this shawl/throw, started it at the beginning of lockdown, and have just finished it.It is the shawl from a Harry Potter pattern, called 'The Order of the Phoenix.' knitted for my daughter Clare."

missing hustle and bustle 1.jpg
"At first I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the cleaner air with hardly any traffic. Once I was the only person on High Street; on another occasion I seemed to have Christ Church Meadow all to myself. In spring the city would be thronged with the…

What is Lockdown.pdf
This project is a video made using PowerPoint. It was done during the time when lockdown restrictions were strictest. It reflects, I hope very simply, the experience of lockdown (or at least the experience for me). The ‘w’ at the beginning of every…

"So we had Mother's Day, our Wedding Anniversary and my husband's birthday all in the space of 3 days last week! The photo is of my husband's online birthday party. We obviously couldn't celebrate as we'd intended but it was great to see family and…

street COVID-19.3.JPG
Street of Oxford during lockdown taken in March

street COVID-19.5.jpg
An ambulance running during lockdown in Oxford taken in March.

Notification of a restaurant only opened for takeaway when lockdown just began.

lockdown in OX1 image 1.jpg
The three 'closed' signs are in Little Clarendon Street. The empty thoroughfare is St Giles .

Of course, we miss seeing our friends and family, particularly the grandchildren, who grow up so fast that six weeks may seem a lifetime slipped away.…
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