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Being pretty much confined to the house and garden during lockdown, I was spending a lot of time pottering around the garden. A blackbird and a robin used to follow me around to see what I might have dug up and there was a lot of bird action in trees…

Lockdown in Padova.jpg
Photos from our lockdown in Padova. All our parks were closed.

leiden image 1.jpg
Three photographs showing how Oxford's twin city Leiden is dealing with lockdown. The first image shows empty streets in Leiden, the second shows keeping distance at the local market, and the third shows students.

teens in lockdown 1.jpg
"I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years and live in the centre of Oxford. My work has taken me to all over the country and to many countries abroad. Sadly, in a matter of days, my client order book went from almost full to completely…

covid shop signs 1.jpg
"The architecture now can be photographed during this time of Covid-19 without obstruction or distraction and the central area must look like in some part how it did back in 1167 when the University was founded, less the double yellow lines of…

A series of photos from Grenoble's online Flikr exhibition entitled 'Confinement villes jumelees'Grenoble is one of Oxford's twin cities. To view all of the images from Grenoble, visit their Flikr page here.

russia in lockdown 1.jpg
"Unfamiliar urban landscape with few people." The images capture Perm, Russia under Lockdown. The photographs are recorded as:Karl Marx Square, disinfected Perm City Centre, the esplanade Perm City, empty spaces Perm Theatre Park Perm, Komsomolsky…

photos of lockdown 1.jpg
"A very small selection of my pictures taken over the Easter period in Oxford. I am an Oxford man and I have never seen Oxford like it. It was amazing walking around the deserted city. Truly astonishing! The original images are in colour, however…

streets of oxford image 1.jpg
Photographs taken by Emma Titcombe of a deserted Oxford.
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