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WRAP research reveals that while 81% of people in the UK are concerned about climate change, fewer than 30% can see a clear link with wasting food..jpg
WRAP- Developing a sustainable food system WRAP works with organisations across the food and drink industry, as well as local authorities, governments, non-governmental organisations and others to create economic and environmental value from reducing…

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Tips from the members of the Nostalgic Oxford and Surrounding Areas FaceBook group. Back to Sustainable Food ExhibitionBack to Local Food Sustainability Tips

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Plastic milk bottles

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Good Food Oxford is a network for a better food system in Oxford, working together for healthy, fair, sustainable and tasty food.Good Food Oxford is a cross-sector local food partnership working to transform our local food system. The aim…

Over the last year, March 2020-2021, Marston Community Garden has developed to include community-owned orchards, chickens and allotments, spaces for sharing tools and produce, and woodland and wildflower areas. Fruit, vegetables and eggs are shared…

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Abundance Oxford is a not-for-profit community harvesting, redistributing & preserving collective. They harvest excess fruit & veg from all over Oxford and redistribute it to community groups who want & need fruit, primarily through the…

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Use this interactive map to find places to forage for food in and around Oxford.Back to Sustainable Food Exhibition

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Food for Charities brings food that supermarkets/wholesalers would normally throw away to charities and people in need. This is a win-win-win:It cuts down on the tonnes of perfectly good food that are thrown away every day It provides fresh, healthy…
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