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A series of photos from Grenoble's online Flikr exhibition entitled 'Confinement villes jumelees'Grenoble is one of Oxford's twin cities. To view all of the images from Grenoble, visit their Flikr page here.

photos of lockdown 1.jpg
"A very small selection of my pictures taken over the Easter period in Oxford. I am an Oxford man and I have never seen Oxford like it. It was amazing walking around the deserted city. Truly astonishing! The original images are in colour, however…

BBC bunting image 1.jpg
With so many events cancelled or restricted for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day on the 8th May, we wanted to come up with a way for people across Oxfordshire to mark the occasion, express their pride in our country and to remember…

quilt proejct image.jpg
OVADA (Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency) invite young and old to contribute to the OVADA Covid Quilt Project! Embroider, Stitch, Applique, Weave, Sew, Knit or Print! The squares you create will eventually be sewn together to make a giant…

covid amulet.jpg
Washing your hands with soap has become such a fundamental part of the current times that it inspired me to create this piece of work. Inspired by amulets seen through history that were thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease. I…
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