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yoga mat image 1.jpg
Bought in October 2016, the yoga mat is red and orange.

Andy attended our Sporting Oxford Collecting Day and brought in his yoga mat.

Andy has suffered with arthritis since he was 23 years old but by the end 2015 it has left him housebound…

Oxford-Leiden 2.jpg
The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Craig Simmons, left, and the Burgomaster of Leiden, Henri Lenferink, laid a wreath in memory of UK and Dutch war dead on the Oxford-Leiden mosaic in Leiden Square in the Westgate Centre, Oxford, in November 2019. The…

WRAP research reveals that while 81% of people in the UK are concerned about climate change, fewer than 30% can see a clear link with wasting food..jpg
WRAP- Developing a sustainable food system WRAP works with organisations across the food and drink industry, as well as local authorities, governments, non-governmental organisations and others to create economic and environmental value from reducing…

WOW Space Artwork 1.jpg
In February 2020, WOW Space members created two collaborative art pieces, inspired by their objects and stories of food.

The art workshop was led by local artist Dionne Freeman

A personal account from David Juler, the Museum Development Officer at the Museum of Oxford and his brief time supporting the locality hubs set up by Oxford City Council in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.All views expressed are David's.

Articles and objects connected to Windrush stories

white horse brewery image 1.jpg
These are the casks I helped to fill whilst working for a brief stint at the White Horse Brewery in Stanford-in-the-Vale, Oxfordshire. I helped out for two weeks and carried out the 'racking'. This is where you prepare the casks for filling and also…
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