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Artists 3.jpg
Oxford-based artists in front of Christ Church. The artists took part in an Alice in Wonderland themed exhibition as part of events to mark the 70th anniversary between Oxford and Leiden.

Artists in Leiden_2.jpg
Oxford artists in front of one of their exhibits in Leiden, as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

Artists in Leiden_1.jpg
Ian Smith, Roel Dragt and Beryl Craig with the stained glass window they unveiled in Leiden for the 60th-anniversary celebrations. The window was a gift from Oxford. Oxford received a gift of a stained glass window in return, which is installed at…

Morris dancers - 50th anniversary celebrations in Leiden.jpg
Morris dancers from Bampton, near Witney, performing during the 50th anniversary celebrations in Leiden in 1996. They are pictured with the chairman of the twin city link in Leiden, Eric Filemon

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Beryl Keen, and her husband, Bryan, are pictured in a horse-drawn, flower-decked carriage taking part in the annual October 3 Parade in Leiden in 1996. The theme that year was Partners. in honour of our 50th anniversary.

Members celebrated the 50th anniversary of the twin city link in 1996 by joining in the Lord Mayor's Parade in Oxford. They are pictured outside the Horse and Jockey pub in Woodstock Road alongside a single-decker bus decorated with balloons,…

Oxford members enjoying a trip aboard The Venturer.jpg
Oxford members enjoying a trip aboard The Venturer on the Oxford Canal and River Thames - part of the twinning link's social programme in 2009.

Oxford members with Dutch hosts on a river trip.jpg
Oxford members with their Dutch hosts on a river trip at Alphen aan den Rijn in 2010.

Oxford-Leiden 16.jpg
Oxford cyclists attended a seminar on cycling with fellow enthusiasts from Leiden and Leiden's Polish twin town of Torun. They are pictured on the steps of Leiden Town Hall in 2016.

Visits to Keukenhof Gardens in Holland.jpg
Visits to the famous Keukenhof Gardens in Holland are very popular when Oxford parties visit Leiden - members are pictured there in 2011 .
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