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  • Collection: The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford

leiden image 1.jpg
Three photographs showing how Oxford's twin city Leiden is dealing with lockdown. The first image shows empty streets in Leiden, the second shows keeping distance at the local market, and the third shows students.

JUNE 2020 RHN with bleed (2).pdf
Community Newsletter put together by residents, community organisations and Oxford City Council community workers. This item includes both the May and June editions."Covid 19 has really shown local communities responding to support those who are more…

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"I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years and live in the centre of Oxford. My work has taken me to all over the country and to many countries abroad. Sadly, in a matter of days, my client order book went from almost full to completely…

covid shop signs 1.jpg
"The architecture now can be photographed during this time of Covid-19 without obstruction or distraction and the central area must look like in some part how it did back in 1167 when the University was founded, less the double yellow lines of…

Our Market Manager created this little graphic of our traders to advertise our move to online trading during the lock down. For many of us this picture provided a bit of a boost, a reminder that our market community remains strong even during the…

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About a day A typical day begins with waking up, not much of a change. However now I do not need an alarm, my body is free to wake up naturally without a loud penetrating noise. I do my work when I want and how I want. I enjoy the company of myself…

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The Museum of Oxford's Volunteer Engagement Officer meets with some of the Museum's volunteers over Zoom. A key aspect of keeping volunteers in the loop about what is going on at the Museum are the coffee mornings. To find out more about becoming a…

A personal account from David Juler, the Museum Development Officer at the Museum of Oxford and his brief time supporting the locality hubs set up by Oxford City Council in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.All views expressed are David's.

Oxford is my Home zine.jpg
From -"As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, our homes have been transformed. Bedrooms have become offices, living rooms have become classrooms, gardens have become gyms, and every house has become a…

A series of photos from Grenoble's online Flikr exhibition entitled 'Confinement villes jumelees'Grenoble is one of Oxford's twin cities. To view all of the images from Grenoble, visit their Flikr page here.
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